Informative and entertaining guide for passengers
arriving and departing from the territory of
the North Caucasian Federal District


Free time for perception of the advertisement.

Nowadays most of people are very busy, few can afford reading a magazine without working necessity. However, in flight all necessary conditions are created for the passenger to study the magazine with interesting interview, articles, and stories which are definitely abundantly flavored with advertisements. As practice shows, about the half of air passengers read the magazine from cover to cover. Obviously, air passengers are well-to-do people; their income is above the average in Russia. It makes in-flight magazines perfect advertisement platform.

Psychological state of the target audience at the moment of perception.

A passenger does not expect the wave of fatiguing advertising information to rush at him in flight as from the TV. Therefore he perceives all the messages much calmer and with greater attention. According to sociologists’ estimate, influence level of the information read in in-flight magazine is about two times higher than that of any other illustrated periodical.

Opportunity of repeated contacts with advertisement.

Having looked through all the products, the passenger can return to the booklet or magazine hi liked. Let me note that, according to statistics, 20% of air passengers take the magazine away with them. It appears at home or in the office to be read by relatives or colleagues. Other magazines are left in pockets, so, the audience of in-flight magazines is several times bigger than their circulation.

As practice shows, in-flight magazines are main and the most efficient advertisement platform. They definitely reach their readers – you do not have to ask for the magazine; it is waiting for the passenger in the pocket of the fore chair.

Almost all magazines are marked ‘personal issue’. It solves the problem of hygiene as some would not like to read the magazine which was flipped through by somebody else.

It is distributed in all flights departing from and destined to the airport as well as VIP halls. Magazine readers are members of business elite, managers of big and medium companies, their families as well as Muscovites maintaining business international contacts. So, advertising premium class goods you absolutely engage the target audience.

The magazine is issued 11/12 times a year. The circulation is 10,000 issues.

‘KavkazAir’ is distributed free of charge in flights of Grozny Airlines, Rusline, Saratov Airlines (the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, flights Nalchik-Moscow-Nalchik, Nalchik-Istanbul, Nalchik-Antalya), new flights by Rusline: Mineralnye Vody-Yekaterinburg, Stavropol-Moscow-Stavropol, Grozny-Moscow-Grozny, new flight by Berkat Airlines Grozny-Istanbul.

The magazine is also distributed on branded stands in the airports of Makhachkala (the Republic of Dagestan), Beslan (the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania), Nalchik (the Kabardino-Balkar Republic), Grozny (the Chechen Republic), Nazran (the Republic of Ingushetia). Besides, the magazine can be found in all the airline offices.


Our mission is to provide our readers with necessary information which will help them not only spend flight time with pleasure but also have them introduced with goods and services of the destination region.

Caucasian opportunities are constantly expanding; life is getting more and more civilized and positive. KavkazAir magazine provides you with maximum of necessary and useful information. KavkazAir is a monthly inflight glossy magazine for active and self-confident people, magazine about all characteristics of real life quality!

Distinctive feature of our periodical distribution system is its availability in flights of five airlines rather than one as well as airport stands.

Usually, the magazine you can take from the pocket of the fore chair is the official inflight periodical of a certain airline and distributed only in its flights.

We have an exclusive opportunity to distribute KavkazAir magazine in flights of several airlines and also on the ground – in the VIP halls and on the airport stands. Owing to this, geography of our magazine includes all destinations of these airlines that is all Russian territory and, first of all, flights to/from Caucasus. We continue working to expand our coverage area and will inform you with pleasure about new partners.

KavkazAir is an efficient advertising medium enabling you to lead a dialogue with a reading passenger. High quality of printing, interesting materials, and recognizable build-up demonstrate high level of the magazine. No wonder that having got on the aircraft and nestled in a chair passenger look for a magazine to entertain them.

We help make flight palatable and comfortable and try to be maximum useful for our readers. The magazine’s professional team does its best for every magazine issue to create positive atmosphere not only in flight but also on the ground.

ATG (Above the Ground) environment creates ideal atmosphere for advertising contact with a potential customer. The space is confined. In flight the passenger has to sit virtually fixed for several hours, he cannot go out and get a blow. Accordingly, confined in the aircraft, volens nolens he will study the set paying attention to the headrest, looking at the cup of coffee, surely reading all the booklets, and finally reading the in-flight magazine.

Main magazine characteristics

Format: 220x280
Size: 64+ pages
Circulation: 10 000
Periodicity: Monthly
Type: Universal inflight magazine
Character of magazine: Information
Polygraphic processes: Color grade 4+4, Volume 64+4, Enameled chalk paper, Book 100 g/m2, Cover 200 g/m2

According to Western sociological surveys, 81% of air passengers spend at least half an hour reading in-flight magazines. Efficiency of advertising there is as high as in specialized magazines. At least two-hour time of route makes this statement even more convincing for the in-flight magazine.

The target audience of the magazine belongs to the middle class and above. Many of them are eager to buy goods and services which can not only underscore their status but also bring pleasure to all the family members. Goods and services market is undergoing great changes. Consumer behavior model by itself is also subject to change. Having attentively studied the results of the latest Western and Russian consumption sociology and psychology surveys, we can surely say that this audience often buys the most expensive brands.

Premium class consumers also include people with moderate incomes who are ready to save on routine shopping in order to purchase the desired product. Our readers are active people. They often spend their vacation abroad, prefer private clinics, lead active life, take care of their appearance, use mobile phones, and have computer, Internet access, car, and real estate.

Passengers of regular flights to Moscow, Rostov, Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody, Makhachkala, Stavropol, Sochi, Grozny, Nalchik, Vladikavkaz read ‘KavkazAir’.

Our periodical is also a media partner of ‘Asti Group’ exhibition company which regularly holds exhibitions such as First World Wine Festival, Tabak EXPO etc.


High target exposure

Air passengers are people with average and above average income. They are active consumers valuing quality and ready to consume premium goods and services.

Low scatter coefficient

In-flight advertisement budget will ensure precision engagement of the target audience, result difficult to obtain with other types of advertising.

Frequent contact with your advertisement

Average passenger flies about eight times a year. With long-term advertisement placement your brand will get high awareness and confidence.

‘Forced’ reading

The passenger is forced to get acquainted with your advertisement because he spends 2-6 hours in the confined space with no TV, radio, or Internet. Unlike TV and radio announcements, it is impossible to tune to another channel. Advertisement is always before passenger’s eyes!

Low price of advertising exposure

The price of the audience advertising exposure is a bit higher than 1 RUR.

(The audience of a single issue is more than 110,500 peoples!)

It is much cheaper in comparison with other advertising media.